2 quick and simple ways how to naturally boost energy for busy people

2 quick and simple ways how to naturally boost energy for busy peopleIf you are an entrepreneur or executive, you clearly understand that your pace of life and ambitious goals require a huge amount of energy. Productivity is believed to be based on effective time management. But our key resource is not time, but energy. According to studies, an increase in working time of more than 40 hours per week does not bring proper results. People get tired quickly and do less quality work. is a completely different story. And in order to learn how to manage energy, you need to learn how to increase it. I offer 2 quick and easy ways to to naturally boost energy.

2 more reasons to increase your level

I mentioned first one – achieving ambitious goals.

The second reason is health. The rate of cell renewal and the ability of your body to recover depends on your level. If there is not enough energy, then the immune system would be weaker, you will get sick more often and age faster.

Only two things we’ll regret on deathbed – that we are a little loved and little traveled.
— Mark Twain

The third reason why we need to increase is our ability to enjoy life. If you always feel sleepy, or just sit on the couch in front of the TV, then what kind of life is this? Life just passes by, and it is likely that in old age you will regret that you did not have time and to make your dreams come true. Many of us dream of own business, a beautiful home, great time with friends, traveling around the world and being wealthy. But if someone has energy just for a job from 9 to 5, then crawls home, feeds children and falls on the couch … he’ll see his dreams only on TV or in magazines, right? So let’s work on increasing energy level.

Realistic approach to naturally boost

doesn’t grow instantly. I mean drinking Red Bull can help once or twice, but it’s not makes you energetic person. Same like with achieving six-pack abs by visiting gym only once, naturally means practice. Good thing – you can feel changes after couple of days by doing simple exercise 3 times a day.

It’s important to avoid procrastination so it should be short enough – just 2 minutes – your 2-minutes rule for . Once you’ve started doing the right thing, it is much easier to continue doing it. A new habit or practice should not feel like a challenge.

Instead of trying to make a perfect habit from the start,
do the easy thing on a more consistent basis.

You have to standardize before you can optimize.
— James Clear

1-minute breathing exercise to boost blood oxygen and productivity

If you feel frazzled or restless use this one-minute breath practice described by professional yoga therapist Felice Rhiannon. This centering activity is based on a slow inhalation and an incremental increase in the length of exhalations.

🔺 Inhale to the count of 2, then 🔻 Exhale to the count of 2,
🔺 Inhale to the count of 2, then 🔻 Exhale to the count of 3,
🔺 Inhale to the count of 2, then 🔻 Exhale to the count of 4,
🔺 Inhale to the count of 2, then 🔻 Exhale to the count of 5

Repeat the cycle 3-5 times – check your timer to understand how many you need, then return to your normal breathing. This short breathing exercise will help you regulate the oxygen flow in your blood, making you more alert. With a sharper focus, you can stay on task and make fewer mistakes, saving you time in the long run.

Are you ready to invest 1 minute to your productivity and try it?

Boost your and self-esteem by performing yoga poses for just 2 minutes

According to a study led by University of London, specific yoga poses increase subjective and state self-esteem.

Yoga Poses Increase Subjective Energy and State Self-Esteem in Comparison to ‘Power Poses’Participants were asked to perform either 2 standing yoga poses with open front of the body (Tadasana – mountain pose, or Urdhva hastasana) or with closed front of the body (Garudjasana right or Garudjasana left) or high ‘power poses’ (‘superman’ or ‘hands on table’) or low ‘power poses’ (hugging arms or sat with shoulders forward and hands together).

Each pose was held for 1 minute only.

The reported self-esteem and energy of participants was then assessed by asking them to rate how they felt against a series of statements such as “I feel confident about my abilities” and “I feel that others respect and admire me” and “I feel powerful”.

Would you like to try?

So here is the picture you can use to follow yoga poses to naturally boost energy:

yoga poses to naturally boost energy

If you’re curious how to make full version of Tadasana (mountain pose) watch this short video:

Urdhva Hastasana (Upward Hand Pose)

Garudjasana (eagle pose)

Got inspired? Spread the idea!

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