Balance Wheel of Life assessment Free Online

The Balance Wheel of Life assessment online free toolThe Balance Wheel of Life is a visual tool that allows you to quickly assess your life situation and decide in which area of ​​life you need changes right now.

The Wheel of Life assessment is used for diagnosis of the current state. You can also use it for long term life planning. Read step-by-step instructions below on how to build Balance Wheel of Life.

First, you need to evaluate the current state in each area of life on a scale of 1 to 10 points. 1 – as you couldn't be doing any worse, 10 – for excellent, from the center to the circle. As a result, you get a clear picture of your satisfaction in key areas of life – the wheel of life balance – an assessment of the state of your life. And then you make decisions – on your own or with the support of the coach.

It is most convenient to build a wheel of life balance on desktop or tablet with big enough resolution. If you use smartphone, then turn it horizontally so that the signatures fit on the screen, and refresh the page to properly redraw the picture.

Life Areas – The Wheel of Life categories, areas of development

  • – physical health and well-being, emotional/psychological health, may include level of , fitness
  • Career, business
  • Finance, money
  • Relationships, love, family
  • Social, friends, network
  • Personal , саморазвитие
  • Lifestyle, hobby, recreation
  • Spirituality, contribution

In the Balance Wheel of Life below I use typical (default) set of Life Areas. You may prefer slightly different names or even whole areas for describing your life balance – more significant to you personally. Use the editor below to adjust the names of life areas. Use the most relevant configuration.

It is useful to conduct a life balance assessment in key areas of your life at least once a quarter, or even monthly. The date on the saved image will help you to keep the history to analyze your life changes in the future.

I wish you balanced growth and joy in life!

Using the Balance Wheel of Life Online assessment is very simple. Select the current level of satisfaction for each area of ​​life by mouse click. The corresponding number will appear in relevant sector. After selecting values ​​in all eight sectors, the button “Save” will appear in the upper left corner. Click on it to download a picture with the date and save on your computer/smartphone.

Life balance wheel areas: edit names
Click on name to start editing. Click outside to finish editing.

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Please share with friends, so they can also make own life more balanced and happy!

My personal story

For the first time, the Wheel of Life coaching tool I learned from Marilyn Atkinson. She is the founder of Erickson Coaching International. It was in 2003, I participated the training “Coaching for Leaders”. My first experience of drawing the wheel of life balance became an impressive self-study. And the method itself opened a very practical approach to planning changes in my life. Since then I assess my life balance at least once a quarter. This way I ensure that my life is in my hands and brings satisfaction. Surprisingly, I still remember most of that training! I wish you to plan the way to your own desired life regularly. Use this free online tool. Good luck!

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