Tony Robbins: 6 human needs that motivate people to take action

: 6 human needs that motivate people to take action

Tony Robbins 6 human needs that motivate people to take actionIn his Talk about motivation and 6 human needs Robbins shares 2 life lessons:

First, there's the science of achievement.

It is about “How to take the invisible and make it visible,” How to make dreams happen? In business, in contribution to society, money, body, family, anything.

The second lesson is rarely mastered, it's about the art of fulfilment.

Why rarely? Because science is easier than art, right? You learn the rules of the game, you make a proper plan, you act and you get the results. But when it comes to fulfilment – that's an art. Why? It's about appreciation and contribution. You can only feel so much by yourself.

But what we know and what we have to remind ourselves — because you can know something intellectually and then not use it, not apply it.

It reminds a quote from Bruce Lee:

Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.

To achieve big goals we need to combine both sides – logic (the science of achievement) and emotions (the art of fulfilment) – to create and use a powerful system.

If we get the right emotion, we can get ourselves to do anything.
If you're creative, playful, fun enough, can you get through to anybody.

If you don't have the money, but you're creative and determined,
you find the way. This is the ultimate resource.

What makes people make decisions? To influence somebody, we need to know what already influences them.

Tony Robbins: 6 human needs

  • Certainty.
    Everyone needs certainty to be able to avoid pain and at least be comfortable.
  • Variety.
    We need surprise. To avoid getting bored with all that Certainty.
  • Significance.
    We all need to feel important, special, unique. You can get it by making more money or being more spiritual. Many ways, not always good ways. The significance is a critical need.
  • Connection and love.
    We all want it; most settle for connection, love's too scary. Many of us have been hurt in an intimate relationship. And you're going to get hurt again. Here's what's true: we need it.

Tony Robbins calls the first four needs the needs of the personality. The last two are the needs of the spirit, where fulfilment comes. You won't get it from the first four.

  • The need to grow.
    If you don't grow, you're what? If a relationship or business is not growing, if you're not growing, doesn't matter how much money or friends you have, how many people love you, you feel like hell. And I believe the reason we grow is so we have something to give of value.
  • The need to contribute beyond ourselves.
    Because we all know, corny as that sounds, the secret to living is giving. We all know life is not about me, it's about WE.

Last thing from Tony Robbins about 6 human needs:

We have the same needs. We all need all six.
And we need to remember: your lead system tilts you in a different direction. So having the same needs we behave differently.

* TED Talk Tony Robbins 6 human needs (Why we do what we do) available in 36 languages (subtitles).

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